Ratatouille time!

09 Feb

Late July harvest

Things really got going in my garden late July.  This photo was one of the first big picks of the season.

I’d never had success with eggplant in previous years’ gardens.  Tiny, shiny black beetles would turn the leaves to lace in hours.

Ever tried to squoosh one of those critters?  They are so fast!   I didn’t see as many this year, but I had sprayed the plants with some sort of a neem-oil based pesticide.  I think it worked.

Also in the basket:  several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, the first generation of pattypan squash, lone carrot, stray cucumber, bush beans.

Note:  not all my plants were in the raised beds:  I planted the tomatoes and bush beans directly in the ground, and the squash in the hay bales.

What I wouldn't give for one of those fat tomatoes right now


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